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Archives / November 2015

She was a pioneer in and branded the name for the “permanent

Prior to launching Baker Design Group in 2005, Linda launched the nation’s leading artificial plant and permanent tree company, The Creative Branch in Houston, Texas. She was a pioneer in and branded the name for the “permanent interiorscape” industry, which garnered the attention of the Houston Business Journal, ABC TV, and the Houston Chronicle. Her...
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In pursuing single motherhood

Saturn presides over honest speech and deceit; over secrets, silence and loquacious slander; over loyalty, friendship and selfishness, cruelty, cunning, thievery and murder. He is the just executioner and the criminal executed; the prisoner and the prison [emphasis mine]. He is retentive but forgetful; slothful and apathetic but rules the vigil of sleeplessness. It appears...
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” After they were finally evicted

New York Times. June 8 yeti cup, 1911. Retrieved 2013 12 31. With names like “Mugwumps”, “Buzzing Bees” and “Flying Zeppelins” being entered, the winning choice, “Sabres”, was chosen because Seymour Knox felt a sabre, a weapon carried by a leader yeti cup, could be effective on offense and defense. Their first attempt was thwarted...
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You can drill kids and get their test scores up

Yet convergent views on, say, freedom of navigation have never been matched by convergence on market access. Trade negotiator, current or former, about India and the response will be a lengthy list of problems. Trade Representative’s annual National Trade Estimate on trade barriers illustrates the variety: high tariffs, price caps on medical devices, import bans,...
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